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Frequently Asked Questions

Does TouchBack flake or rub off?

TouchBack is made with real hair color, which bonds to the hair, blending seamlessly with permanent hair color for a totally natural look. It won't flake or rub off when brushed (unlike colored sprays, powders, mascaras and crayons).

Can I use styling products with TouchBack?

TouchBack can be used with all styling products prior to applying TouchBack, except cream-based products. Hair spray can be used over it.

How long does TouchBack last?

TouchBack is temporary hair color that lasts until shampooed out. The marker delivers hair color for a minimum of 60 applications. One application covers 1/4 inch of gray around the hairline or in the part.

Does TouchBack affect permanent hair color?

TouchBack does not change permanent hair color because it does not penetrate the hair shaft. However, it should be shampooed out before the next application of permanent color.

Does TouchBack work on dark roots?

TouchBack only colors gray roots. It cannot make dark roots lighter.

Are there any harsh chemicals in TouchBack?

TouchBack uses only temporary hair colors. There are no harsh chemicals — no ammonia or peroxide.

Can I use TouchBack on chemically relaxed or permed hair?

Yes, you can use TouchBack on chemically relaxed or permed hair. The formula attaches to the outside of the hair. There are no harsh chemicals, like ammonia or peroxide, to damage the hair.

What is the comb for?

TouchBack includes a special comb for use at temples and hairline. The comb acts as a skin shield for those areas. Slide the comb under the hair, as close to the scalp as possible, then apply TouchBack.

Can I use TouchBack on my eyebrows?

TouchBack is classified as a temporary hair color and, therefore, carries customary warnings against use around the eyes.

Does perspiration affect TouchBack?

Heavy perspiration can cause TouchBack to rub off on fabrics (towel, hat, etc.) Light perspiration is not a problem.

Does TouchBack stain the skin?

TouchBack can easily be removed from skin with a damp tissue.

Does TouchBack stain fabrics?

TouchBack is real hair color. It can stain clothing and other porous materials.

Can I remove stains from fabric?

It is difficult to remove stains from fabric unless it is done quickly. Use any hair color stain remover, which can be purchased at beauty supply stores (not drug stores).

What is the difference between TouchBack and ColorMark?

Both TouchBack and ColorMark offer the same 8 shades for touching up gray roots instantly. The difference is in the applicator. TouchBack delivers an even flow of hair color continuously with a wide-tip marker applicator. ColorMark is liquid hair color in a bottle that is applied with a soft-tip wand applicator.

What are the ingredients in TouchBack?

What is the TouchBack policy on animal testing?

TouchBack does not test on animals, and does not use any animal-based ingredients.